Gerald Howard

In Memory of Gerald Howard:

No words to convey the heartbreak and deep loss felt. Our friend, fellow Trustee, towering, vibrant family man, and man of God who walked the walk and talked the talk. Lord, we need you today as much as we ever did.
Continue to bless the soul of our passing brother, Gerald Howard. Please touch his family in their quest for healing.
We believe that You work in mysterious ways, yet we seek help in understanding and finding peace in this work.
Gerald was a rock to so many: his family, his church family, his work colleagues, his friends near and far, our church board. His leadership was inspiring. His intentions were most genuine. His intelligence and competence were exceptional. He loved children and children loved him. We cannot help but feel that this generous, caring, God-fearing saint was taken from us far too soon. It simply doesn’t feel fair. We’re horrified, angry, and confused that this joyously giving creation will no longer grace us with his presence, his knowing smile, his deep and comforting voice, his empathetic gaze. Lord please bless The Second Baptist Church of Germantown and all those attempting to cope with this loss.
In Your name and in Gerald’s memory, we pray. Amen

In lieu of Flowers, please make contributions to the Second Baptist Church of Germantown Scholarship Fund.

About Atiya Favor

Atiya Favor: Church Clerk for Second Baptist Church Of Germantown. Atiya has been a member of the church since 2009. Atiya loves spreading the good news of the gospel, living life intentionally, and with purpose for Jesus Christ!

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